Status Update – 4/19/2017

So this will be short and sweet: I just wanted to quickly document where I’m at and where I’m going in the game design process (given the two-week hiatus in blog posts).

  • The past two weeks, aside from being phenomenally swamped with life, I’ve been wrapping up a few bits of playtesting for other designers. It’s been phenomenally instructive (you can read about my overall thoughts in my previous post).
  • I’ve been documenting a number of kernel ideas for games. Some of them are fast, word building card games. Some are more substantial, including a colony survival/light RPG game. One of them is a terribly-themed, wedding-planning game, but I like the overall structure that was the impetus for the game, so wanted to roll with it to see if I could uncover a theme that sucks less.
  • Overall, I’ve been doing a fair bit of background work – basically, things outside of directly designing my games. The thought process is to alternate between game design and these alternate tasks so that I don’t get too bogged down the minutiae of game design or get frustrated when I get stuck. Also, it’s to ensure that I’m constantly drawing on new sources, not just getting stuck in a narrow track of skills/thoughts.

So, the plan for the next week is to take what I’ve learned and jump back into the games I’ve started designing (mainly the colony survival and light word games).


Author: Adam Levitus

I'm the mastermind and wizard (Order of Merlin, First Class) behind A Bit of Levity. Apart from travelling down the road of board game design, I have also created a greeting card design company (Pithy Diction) and co-founded/exited another greeting card subscription company (Greetfully). I'm from Chicago but now live in California (if that matters) - NorCal specifically (which apparently matters a lot).

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