Let Me See Your Package

So, um, what’s your project? What’s your company? Aren’t you the Ultra CEO Overlord of something? How are you packaging yourself?

My sincerest hope is that this post doesn’t stand the test of time. I hope to look back on it in a few weeks/months/years and realize that the lack of branding et al on this post/blog on March 10th, 2017 is hilariously no longer relevant. That said, there’s a whole lot of work to be done beforehand, and the only way for me to convey value right now is through the unadorned journey.

Yes, I could make up some random name for a company (that doesn’t yet exist) and an over-inflated, self-aggrandizing title (been there, done that, felt silly while doing it). Yes, I could share tidbits of the games I’m working on before they’re *cough* ready (I will). But for now, there’s no value to be conveyed to you by my doing so…so I’m not. The value is currently in the journey, in the process, in the trenches. Right now the games are barely more than ideas with rules and components that change daily.

Quoth the Gary Vee: Ideas are shit and execution is the game.

I’m sure there are things I could do via Twitter, Facebook, etc. that would help me manufacture an audience, and creating those accounts would be best served by having some package in which to wrap and contain my design efforts (i.e. a company or game). But the truth is, there just isn’t that much to say right now that isn’t best served by these posts. It wouldn’t help you. First, I want to focus my efforts on creating value (which is most effectively done via blog posts/articles). Then I’ll worry about distribution.

This is only post #10 – I sincerely doubt the tens of follower bots that would comprise my current social media audience will mind waiting a few days/weeks until this content has grown and coalesced.


Pourquoi a Board Game?

Why design a board game?

Although I’ve spent some time pontificating about my thoughts on working, starting, and the inception of this blog, I realized I never actually explained what I’m doing and why from a board game standpoint.

I’ve always loved games. When I was little, it was a way to compete with everybody in the family (I’m super competitive). I wasn’t big enough to beat my Dad, Mom, Uncles, etc. in physical feats, and when I was older it was a way to level the playing field when the aforementioned relatives were older and less spry,  but my younger brother and cousins couldn’t keep up with my peacocking teenage self. But more than all this, I loved the focused mix of theme, mechanics, strategy, and togetherness. You couldn’t be off in separate rooms playing a game. You couldn’t lose yourself in worldwide Risk domination if you were also reading a book. You couldn’t win at Rummy 500 if you didn’t pay attention to what others had picked up. It’s the focus that was fantastic, and it’s something I still revel in today.

So when I finally got around to making time in my schedule to work on another project, board games immediately floated to the top. It’s something I was passionate about. It had design challenges I could sink my teeth into. It would have logistic execution challenges that I could flex my professional experience at. Above all, it’s something that could be both fun and rewarding.

With regard to the type of games I’d produce, that was (and is) less clear. I love detailed, multi-hour heavy games just as much as well-designed party games that some hardcore gamers scoff at. So I have ideas for both in the works (and another that’s in-between). In the end, my games need to be fun. That’s it. How we get there is more or less irrelevant.

So this blog will continue to chronicle my journey as I try to become a board game designer. As we know, I can’t call myself a designer until a game is actually finished. Until then I’m just a guy screwing around on the internet. Regardless of the outcome, I’ll be able to provide some value/commiseration/help/enjoyment to those reading.